Blockchain Applications for Agriculture

December 11, 2018

Blockchain has become a hot topic – but what is it exactly and how might it support more efficient and transparent supply chains? How is it being used today, and what is the potential to leverage blockchain to improve profitability and efficiency for farmers of all sizes? What are the governance and policy implications?

This discussion will explore these questions and more. Panelists will provide a "blockchain 101" overview and discuss the implications of distributed ledger technology for food and agriculture across the United States.

Featured Speakers Included:

  • Tejas Bhatt, Senior Director; Food Safety Innovation, Walmart
  • Bonita Carlson, Rancher, Persson Ranch (WY)
  • Dave Rejeski, Director; Technology, Innovation, and the Environment Project, Environmental Law Institute
  • Cody HopkinsGeneral Manager; Grass Roots Farmers' Co-Op (AR)  
    Owner; Falling Sky Farms (AR)

A link to the recording is available HERE.

Innovations in Agricultural Data Collection, Analysis, and Management

November 8, 2018


From remote sensing to unmanned autonomous vehicles (UAVs), technological advancements in agriculture data collection are revolutionizing farming. It is now possible to monitor soil moisture, soil fertility, plant health, and other variables with remarkable detail and accuracy. How can USDA best embrace the “smart farming” boom to reduce data reporting requirements for producers, improve data collection, and more effectively target its resources. How are technological innovations and falling costs helping producers monitor their data in real-time to improve profitability and environmental outcomes?This interactive briefing and discussion explored these questions and more. The discussion informed a post-event AGree paper exploring trends in private agriculture data collection and analysis, including how companies collect, report, aggregate, store, and analyze ag data.

Featured speakers included

  • William Salas, President & Chief Scientist, Applied GeoSolutions
  • Doug Lawrence, President, Blackwoods Group LLC
  • Linda Young, Chief Mathematical Statistician, USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service
  • Fred Yoder, Co-Chair, Solutions for the Land & Chairman, Yoder Ag Services

A link to the recording is available HERE.


Harnessing (Big) Data for Small Farmers  

September 27, 2018


There is a lot of buzz about how "big data" is transforming food and agriculture. But how can data and technology benefit small- and mid-sized producers who may not have resources to invest in the latest technologies? How are producers, including those growing for local and regional consumption, making use of data to support and grow their operations? How is data being used to interface with consumers and shift behavior?

The session explored these questions and more, including how to help diverse producers and consumers take best advantage of the ag data “revolution.”

A link to the recording is available HERE.

        Speakers included:

    • Robert Blair: Owner, Three Canyon Farms (ID)
    • Dorn Cox: Research Director, Wolfe's Neck Center for Agriculture and the Environment & Farmer (ME/NH)
    • Pam Hess: Executive Director, Arcadia Center for Sustainable Food and Agriculture (VA)
    • Josh Woodard: President, Ag-Analytics.Org & Professor, Cornell University

Ag Data Privacy: Improving Profitability While Protecting Privacy    

September 12, 2018

How is agriculture data being leveraged to increase farm profitability and improve environmental outcomes, while safeguarding producer privacy? AGree hosted a 360-degree look at the issue from the perspective of farmers, environmental advocates, ag data privacy experts, and government agencies. Speakers discussed the ways that USDA, private companies, and other institutions are using data to reduce production risks, save taxpayers money, and strengthen research about the effects of conservation practices on yield variability.

A link to the recording is available HERE.

Speakers included:

  • Kevin Barnes: Associate Administrator, USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS)
  • Todd Janzen: President, Janzen Agricultural Law LLC
  • Laura Knoth: Executive Director, Kentucky Corn Growers Association
  • Laurie Ristino: Visiting Scholar, George Washington University Law School
  • Bruce Sherrick: Professor of Land Economics and Director, TIAA Center for Farmland Research, University of Illinois